NHS 111 – New service soft launch

 This is a Government initiative that people will ring 111 rather than the out of hours service. Shropdoc and 111 are working together to ensure the new service is effective.

Soft launch date agreed

Across the West Midlands a soft launch for NHS 111 is planned for 19 March .

You can see more information about NHS 111 and the soft launch  by clicking the link:

111 update 5

 We know that many people are confused about which NHS service is best. Often people call Shropdoc or go to A&E when they could have gone to a pharmacy or other health service, which would have helped them get what they needed more quickly. By having one easy to remember number across the country, the NHS hopes that people will ring 111 to find out which health service is most appropriate.

Is 111 replacing 999?

No, we would like to stress that 999 will still exist. 111 is for when it is less urgent than 999. However if a patient rings 111 and is assessed as needing an ambulance, 111 can dispatch an ambulance for them just as quickly as 999.

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