Compact Review Day 2013

A Compact Review Day was held in March 2013 , over the course of the day, activities were arranged to encourage a wide array of partners from different sectors to look at partnership working and how the Compact could be used to reflect these changing working and strategic relationships.

The tasks included outlining strengths of partnership working, looking at behaviours that can cause problems during the commissioning process and then the behavioural solutions that can overcome them. A final activity sought to get partners looking at key statements from the old compact, the national compact and other recognised local compacts to review the wording and prioritise the importance of some statements over others. The essence of this was to get those considering what statements worked and which ones didn’t. This will be used to form the body of the compact when it is developed in the future.

Key Themes from Day

• Why work in Partnership?

• What makes a good Compact?

• Building Health Partnerships

• Behaviours that block partnership working

• Solutions to behaviours that block partnership working.

• Prioritising key statements and themes of Compact

The VCSA support team will review the information gained from the day and use it to shape the way in which the first draft of the Compact is developed.


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